Saturday, May 30, 2009

About This Project

“My 15 year old white Chihuahua was a rescue from a pet shop that was closed down in NYC by protests and a lawsuit. Angelina was going to be put down because the breeder would rather not pay the return shipping fee to transport the animals to another store. Instead the pet store opted to pay $5.00 for an injection and put the bodies in a freezer. They would then collect $50.00 from their insurance carrier for producing the dead dog to their claims adjuster. Luckily, Angelina and 18 other dogs were rescued/stolen/abducted the night before the injection technician - not a vet - was going to kill them”

It may be a small step toward change, but my photographs have already begun to affect those who are witness to them. Perspectives have been slightly modified and stereotypes have been questioned. When it comes time for my viewers to get a dog, they will now be able to make a more educated decision with the knowledge I have provided. My work is a step toward enlightening the public and an attempt to alter the way they view these misunderstood dogs.

With a careful blend of advertising and lifestyle techniques I have made the dog my subject, putting emphasis on it as a life, not a product for sale. Some of these dogs have been in shelters for months, others are lucky enough to have gone into foster homes while they wait, but each dog, no matter where it is coming from has a story to tell and if you choose, it’s worth listening.

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  1. i am quite impressed. great job, keep it up. education is key!