Monday, May 18, 2009


“I adopted Zerbina from the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society one year ago. She is a “Dixie Dog”—dogs that are rescued from the South, checked out, neutered, and brought to animal shelters in the North for adoption. She was from North Carolina, her name was Hedy…or, at least that is what they called her in the shelter down there. She was placed in the shelter in January 2008 and had a litter of puppies there. Unfortunately she spent the next 4 months in the shelter system until I adopted her.

She is approximately 3 years old. I believe she is part Chocolate Labrador and Dachshund. I call her a “Dachsador!” She has turned out to be the most amazing dog and I have been very fortunate that she came into my life. She has calmed down remarkably, is very sweet, and loves everyone!”
-Athena Bradley (Zerbina’s Mom)

“Zerby likes used tissues, snuggling across her human’s neck when they sleep at night, and has been known to get a can stuck on her nose (or maybe that is just a fear her “mom” has), and would gladly eat one of the fish in the fish tank if she could reach them- oh yeah, she’s also faster than a speeding bullet when chasing squirrels. She has this really annoying squeaky toy that she keeps trying to hide but that she seems to always find no matter where she buries it.”
-Robin Jaffin (Friend)


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  1. I was Zerbina/ Hedy's foster mom in Sylva, NC and saw her through her maternity and recuperation. I had a hard time letting her go and am very happy to find her picture on the Dakin site and learn she is doing so well. I have pictures of Zerby's litter (b. Jan 2 2008) if you ever want to see them. One lives in Tucson but several live nearby and I get to see them every so often. Now that they are grown they look very little like her!Her picture is very beautiful. mary (at)